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California Divorce Facts

If you and your spouse are not in agreement about the divorce or how to split marital assets and care for children if you have any , you may want to consider divorce mediation, or for more complicated situations, seek legal representation. The following overview will help guide you through the process of acquiring and filing online divorce papers, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

California stopped keeping official data related to divorces in the state in the s.

California Housing & Community

Judging from figures gathered from other states as recently as , California's rate is probably still somewhere in the per 1,, as most other states have remained fairly consistent over time. To begin your divorce process in California, you must complete the appropriate divorce papers.

These can all be obtained online at the California Courts site. The state does offer instructions for filling out each of these forms, which you should review carefully before entering any information. It is extremely important that everything is filled out correctly if you want to avoid time consuming delays in the divorce process.

The divorce forms required by California are standardized for the most part across the state, but keep in mind that some counties will require additional documentation. You will need to determine which forms your county requires as defined by your local courthouse. It would be prudent to contact the local courthouse by phone to ensure that you are using all the correct forms.

To determine which divorce documents are appropriate for you, different California counties offer Self-Help Centers , where you can get assistance pertaining to your situation. You pick your county from the list, and then you will get further information and contacts to find out what steps you should take. Depending on the center, you may be able to contact qualified assistance by phone, email or in person.

You also have the option to obtain divorce papers online that are targeted to your needs from CompleteCase. This can save you considerable time and effort, and avoid costly mistakes. If you choose to seek out divorce papers on your own, you can find many of the basic forms on the Forms page for California Courts. Some of these documents include:.

FL — This is the form to begin the divorce or legal separation process. You will list all the pertinent information related to your marriage, including children, dates and property.

One-day divorces in CA chop costs, pain

FL — This form is the Summons, which lets your spouse know that the divorce process has begun. FL — The Proof of Service of Summons, this lets you tell the court that you have notified your spouse of the divorce proceedings. There are also documents pertaining to children, and additional documents if you and your spouse have extra property that will not fit on form FL Which forms you need will depend on your circumstances, but make certain you use every form that pertains to you.

Failure to fill out all appropriate forms can lead to significant delays in the process.

10 Steps to Getting Divorced in California

Once you have filled out all of the required California divorce forms, you are ready to file. One spouse or both spouses must have resided in California for a minimum of six months before filling a petition for dissolution. Additionally, one must live in the county of filing for three months prior to the filing.

Both spouses do not need to show residency, only one. We recommend that you begin your research with the resources followed by an asterisk. Also provides links to judicial council forms. Also, addresses the different aspects of divorce including dividing property and debt, custody and visitation, child and spousal support.

Part two and three covers the procedural aspect of divorce and summary dissolution. Dissolution is covered with specificity in Volume 3 and 4. Call numbers are for use in RCLL.

california self help law divorce California self help law divorce
california self help law divorce California self help law divorce
california self help law divorce California self help law divorce
california self help law divorce California self help law divorce
california self help law divorce California self help law divorce
california self help law divorce California self help law divorce

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