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Fees and operating hours vary. You can also obtain death records from the city or county health department office where the event occurred, provided there is no court or legal action.

The Stark County Probate Court

Divorce prior to These records are maintained by the Court of Common Pleas in each county. Adoption Click here for information Census through Search U.

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Certified copies of marriage records are available from the Probate Court in the county where the marriage license was issued. Certified copies of divorce records are available from the Clerk of Common Pleas in the county where the divorce was granted.

Public Records Search Disclaimer

Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. If you want to know information about the relatives of your past, then you need to investigate a particular source. Before you go down that road, however, you may be wondering how much data you are able to access. Strong advice for the budding researcher: pose questions that can be answered before starting the examination of your subject s.

Do not be afraid to find answers to what seem to be simple inquiries. Are the dates of birth and dates of death available for me to access?

Cambria county marriage license search

Is there a certain location where this information is stored? Do I need to know the most basic criteria of my Ohio relatives before I start any further research? Proper preparation can be a terrific tool for the promising historian before he explores the Ohio vital records. You must scrutinize the gathered information you have on your subject prior to researching in a more advanced manner with other sources. Be certain that you have the full name and additional details about the relative or historical figure you have set your mind to write about.

A maiden name and residence are examples of additional material you can obtain to strengthen your initial knowledge of this person. Knowing these distinctive details can make the process of going through the Ohio vital records much easier. You may come across confusing material when you conduct this advanced research.

Searching for marriage and divorce records

There actually may be much public data about any individual. An entry in the Ohio vital records has secondary information sometimes. This is good, in a certain way, because you may be able to use this additional material for your research project. Confused yet?

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There is a lot of information out there when you are dealing with genealogical evidence. You may need to ask yourself if you know what you are seeking in your geology project. With all the available material that is out there on the internet, you can easily get sidetracked with random information.

Definitely record the needed data. Permission to reproduce may be required. Union County retains all rights to the information provided by this service, including, but not limited to, the right of reproduction. All documents are updated 72 hours and are believed to be accurate. However the county cannot guarantee their accuracy and assumes no legal responsibilties for any use which might be made of it or for any consequences of that use. Any Person noting errors or omissions are encouraged to contact Union County Clerk of Courts by telephone or e-mail, at numbers, addresses provided at this site.

This systems availability is subject to routine and scheduled maintenance as well as system back-ups.

free marriage ohio record search Free marriage ohio record search
free marriage ohio record search Free marriage ohio record search
free marriage ohio record search Free marriage ohio record search
free marriage ohio record search Free marriage ohio record search
free marriage ohio record search Free marriage ohio record search
free marriage ohio record search Free marriage ohio record search

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