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2000 Ford Contour SE

I've only had it for a few months so reliability is yet to be determined. I am optimistic because of the Ford Mondeo platform on which the X Type is based. Contrary to popular belief, I find that to be a plus for the X Type.

Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs in St. Louis area at ELCO Cadillac

See all 22 photos. OC Auto Exchange -. Good experience. We' re really happy with the service Christian gave us. He was clear with the information and very helpful. We will defenitley recomend this dealer to my family and friends.

Very reliable vehicle. This vehicle is very spacious, comfortable and reliable. It performs well on the roads and is a satisfying ride. I love how the trunk space is very large and this is a great vehicle for long trips given the amount of space there is in this vehicle. See all 30 photos. Sierra Honda -. Easiest car buying experience ever! I felt that the entire transaction was as pleasurable as having dinner with good friends. No games! No gimmicks! Just straight forward honesty and integrity. It is what buying a car should feel like! I will recommend Jeff Stevens and Frank Gray to anyone who wants a fair priced and a feel-good experience when they purchase a new car.

I couldn't be happier. What I expected. There was nothing new to this leaf. I've researched them a lot and test drove one other one. My mine focus was on the drive range depletion while driving. I drove 20 miles but only lost 15 miles in drive range thanks to the braking regeneration. See all 56 photos.

Auto Republic Fullerton -. So Far, No Regrets!

Searched diligently over a month. Setup alerts, bookmarked sites and even did drive by's. Was looking for a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid - in great condition and reasonably low mileage. Just as I was about to give up and go for the very abundant FlexFuel models, one popped up on an alert.

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I drove a fairly good distance to Fullerton Auto Republic, and there it was. Great condition, very reasonably priced. My salesperson was Fred Yeon. Very courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. He got me a good deal which included a 2-year extended warranty. It's been over a month and a half and I am still extremely pleased with my Tahoe and the experience dealing with Fred and Auto Republic. Fun, Reliable, Roomy, Efficient. In bought a smartfortwo one-owner coupe with 70, miles yes! Yes, it's a two-seater, but you know that when you decide to get one, just like a Corvette buyer is paying a lot and getting no back seat.

Ever take note on the freeway how many cars have one occupant? So many that the car pool lanes are usually empty. Gas and maintenance costs are minimal. Just got a new battery because the original one died after 6 years and 70, miles. The local Mercedes dealer gave it a thorough inspection for us after purchase from CarMax and did not charge us a penny to do so!

The Right Used Car at the Right Price Here at Nissan of St. Albans

Only downside is that it gets no respect from other drivers, but that's okay. It is like a high-tech carnival ride, and the paddles make shifting a breeze. We use it for freeway commuting sometimes and it keeps up with the pack just fine. Wish we had gotten one sooner. See all 16 photos. California Motors Direct -. I spoke to a salesman over the phone he was very helpful and pleasant.

Keeps on going. This car has so many memories. From the beaches of key west to the frosty slopes of the smoky mountains. We need something bigger for our hiking trips and doing our gardening!! Deluxe Auto Dealer -. Great Experience! Great Car Buying Experience!! This dealership has high end cars on its lot so it doesn't feel like you're buying from a junk pusher. Cars are most likely coming from auction so do your homework and purchase your own independent Autocheck report to match the free Carfax you can get from dealer.

I initially worked with sales rep Jack on checking for the car and scheduling very easy to get a hold of. Email, calls, texts he was there. When I arrived I was transferred to the awesome sales manager Gordon!!! Car was still blocked in and tire pressure was low so I didn't get to test drive the car not recommended, but I knew the car history with the Carfax and auto check reports.

Gordon transferred me to the office rep Minni who was extremely helpful, patient, and easy to work with on finalizing and customizing my deal. I went in with pre approved financing through Capitol One Auto Navigator and Gordon was still willing to negotiate. He gave me not one but TWO price reductions and multiple other discounts to help my deal terms meet my needs. That was truly amazing service. Car had oil changed, tire pressure checked and it was washed and cleaned inside and out before I left the lot.

I highly recommend Deluxe Auto Dealer for your car buying needs!! You will get a high end car with great service, a great price, and leave feeling taken care of!! Amazing job Gordon and Deluxe Auto Dealer team!!! Best value to fun-to-drive ratio you will find! One of the most fun to drive and reliable cars you will find.

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Nice engine and decent performance for the money makes this an amazing value.

find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs
find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs
find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs
find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs
find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs
find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs
find used cars trucks suvs Find used cars trucks suvs

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