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Everett L. Cooley oral history project, 1983-2014

The Twentieth Century club held its regular meeting April 10th, at the home of Mrs. Robinson, with Mrs. Cassie Harris assistant hostess.

Ila Outzen. Lizzie Pearson and Mrs. Minnie King read and accepted. Rachel Brox. Cassie Harris. Thomas' lecture on the University and its need for an addition to the buildings, and asking the clubs to support them, and Dr. Arthur L. Beesley's lecture on Mentality, which led up to a warm discussion.

Ila Outzen, Mrs. James Long, Mrs. Lane Bertelson, Mrs. Gross, Mrs. Tillie Blackwell, Mrs. Murrell Troutt, Mrs. Rachel Brox, Mrs. Rosa Barnett, Mrs. Violet Sargent, Mrs. Joe Burns and Mrs. Lucy James. Manwill and Theresa Anderson, at Koosharem. Peter Olsen and Isaac J. Riddle of Piute County.

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Oleson, adultery, sentenced to imprisonment for term of three months in penitentiary. SU 9 December Peter E. Olsen pleaded guilty to adultery. This was not a polygamous marriage. Defendant sentenced to 9 months in the penitentiary. SU Superintendent of schools; term expires 1 January Haws last Wednesday forenoon.

The parents made a quit-claim deed of their daughter, Miss Clara Haws, in favor of Ern Peterson, a long-time and, until recently, a supposedly confirmed bachelor. In addition to Miss Haws' charming personality, her friends have recognized in her the highest qualities of womanhood and practical common sense.

The bridegroom is well deserving of the prize he has won. PFL 19 July Mr. Quinn's parents, Mr. Ernest Peterson. RR 6 December Mr. Ernest Peterson received a telegram Sunday announcing the birth of a son to Mr. Quinn of Rochelle Park, N. Quinn is a daughter of Mr. He left his cabin early in the evening to look after some horses, and when he failed to return his son Auer and Ervin Williams went to look for him.

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They found him where he had fallen face down, dead. Physicians stated that he had been dead probably two hours, death occurring at around o'clock. Peterson was employed by the Mineral Products Corporation. He moved to Marysvale as a young man, and there married Clara Haws on December 25, He is survived by his widow and the following children: Mrs.

Sarah Scogins of Los Angeles and Mrs. Clarissa Campbell of Victorville, California, survive also. Died 11 September Eula Mitchell. Born 4 October , in Cleveland, Ohio. Rick left the first of the week for a few days fishing trip. They went by way of Richfield. PCN 17 July Mr. Rick returned home Sunday from Delta where they have spent the past month doing business and visiting old friends.

Rick remained here while Mr. Rick has returned to finish his business there. They report a most enjoyable time where fishing, boat riding and dancing was indulged in and when they weren't doing one of these things they were visiting every moment of the time. They report about forty members of the family there and a most wonderful time PCN 11 October Mr. Pete Rick made a business trip to Salt Lake City this week.

They were accompanied by Mrs. Ila Johnson and small son of California, who have been visiting here for some time and who will visit with Ila's sister at Smithfield for a few weeks before returning to California. Magleby chapel Thursday today at 10 a. Rick died Tuesday at 7 a.

She died Dec.

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He was a member of the Lutheran Church. Magleby Mortuary, Richfield. RR February Died of pneumonia following a stroke. Funeral held at mortuary chapel, conducted by Bishop Staheli of Marysvale. Daughter of James A. Stark and Rosetta A. Pearson; born 29 September , at Marysvale, Piute, Utah. Married Hezekiah Coates. PP 21 January Marysvale That Rag Ball. There was a number of very ragged people present and they all had a very jolly time.

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The raggedest lady there was Miss Carrie Peterson and she received the ladies' prize, a pair of beautiful vases, while Mr. Mills was awarded the prize for the raggedest gentleman, a pair of gloves. He however, refused to take them, and stated that in his opinion Master Rob Cuff was entitled to the prize. The gloves were then given to Master Cuff. Thomas Howes, H. Mills, Rob Cuff and Lot Alexander.

DN 12 September Parents will take notice that the Primary department of the district school will open next Monday morning in the Marysvale school house.

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Miss Lura Stark has been employed as teacher, and no better choice could have been made. PFL 10 March County recorder. PC County Recorder; public school teacher at Junction. Lena Coats and infant son of San Diego are at the home of her mother, Mrs. Rosetta Stark, and will remain for the summer. Laura Coats of San Diego, California, who will return to her home soon.

Journal of Mormon History Vol. 27, No. 2, 2001

She has been here several months with her mother, Mrs. Rosetta Stark. RR 19 July Mrs. Laura Coates has returned to her home in California, after having spent month with her mother, Mrs. Rosetta Starks and Mrs. Lura Coats. While there he visited McPhearson Coats, who is in the camp hospital with a broken leg. He reports that Mac is getting along very well.

The Violence of Jim Jones A Biopsychosocial Explanation

PCN 16 January Mrs. Lura Coats had as guests Saturday Mrs. Starks' brother and sister-in-law, Mr.

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