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This, along with its location relative to the jet stream, makes Vandenberg a good site to launch reconnaissance satellites. Its campus is located immediately north of Colorado Springs. The base is home to Air Force Space Command's 50th Space Wing, which provides command and control for more than DoD warning, navigational, and communications satellites.

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Dover AFB is the home for the DoD's largest military mortuary and has been used for processing military personnel killed in both war and peacetime. Bolling AFB has served as a research and testing ground for new aviation equipment and its first mission provided aerial defense of the capital. It moved to its present location, along the Potomac in the city's southwest quadrant, in the s. It is named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Fredrick I. Eglin, who was killed in a crash of his Northrop A pursuit aircraft on a flight from Langley to Maxwell Field, Alabama.

Hurlburt Field was originally designated as Auxiliary Field No.

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Now an operational base, MacDill has about 6, airmen and civilians on 5, acres, located on the Southwestern tip of the Interbay Peninsula on the west coast of Florida. Tyndall Field was opened on 13 January as a gunnery range. Robins AFB is the home of the Air Force Materiel Command's Warner Robins Air Logistics Center which is the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, software and avionics and accessories components.

Hickam is located in Honolulu and consists of nearly 3, acres of land adjacent to Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. It has been recognized as a national historic monument.

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Battle-scarred walls from the Pearl Harbor invasion are still visible. This base is situated about 50 miles southeast of Boise on a high-desert plateau between two large mountain ranges. Among the base's missions is to prepare for expeditionary operations and to combine technology and innovation to maximize combat potency. The primary mission of Scott Air Force Base is global mobility. The base commands and controls all logistics of United States military in air, over land and across the sea.

As a key Air Combat Command base, Barksdale has a pivotal role in providing a large part of the nation's deterrent force. Andrews is widely known for serving as the home base of operations for the aircraft that serves the President of the United States, Air Force One. Air Force Electronic Systems Center. ESC, which also operates at other sites throughout the country, manages the development and acquisition of electronic command and control systems.

The base closed after the war and remained inactive until when it was reopened as a contract flying school to train pilots during the Korean War. Along with being the aerial demonstration training site for the Thunderbirds, the base plays a major role in the ongoing War on Terror. In our experience it is always possible to find a custom solution for even the most seemingly difficult situations. If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that is not easily tied to you.

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Ground breaking for the new SAC facilities took place in , and the first B bombers arrived in During its history, Pease AFB has been the home of the th Bombardment Wing and the th Bombardment Wing, whose mission is to develop and maintain operational capacity to permit the conduct of strategic warfare in the event of war.

The mission of this group was changed in when it was designated as the th Air Refueling Group. Pease AFB closed on March 31, Military personnel began leaving the base in June In , 3, active-duty military and civil service workers and non-appropriated fund employees were employed at Pease AFB. The New Hampshire Air National Guard has a full time staff of three hundred military and civilian personnel with a part time potential of over one thousand. Activities at Pease AFB in support of aircraft maintenance operations have generated listed and characteristic hazardous waste including spent degreasers, solvents, paint strippers and contaminated jet fuels.

The total quantity of the above referenced hazardous waste generated per year has been estimated to be 1, to 2, gallons.

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In addition, approximately 14, gallons per year of waste petroleum, oil and lubricants POL mostly engine oils and some combined petroleum and solvent wastes such as hydraulic fluid, PD, MOGAS, diesel fuel, and JP-4 and 10, gallons per year of reclaimed JP-4 have been generated. Recognized past industrial waste disposal practices at Pease AFB can be characterized as follows:. In addition, landfilling of various combinations of solid waste primarily composed of municipal-type refuse from family housing, administration, and shop buildings has occurred at six landfills and two construction rubble dumps primarily receiving inert construction and demolition debris within base boundaries.

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Since base refuse has been disposed of by contract collection. Since to refuse was disposed of off base; from to it was incinerated at the City of Portsmouth's refuse-to-energy plant located on base, along with off-base refuse from the greater Portsmouth Area: and since it has again been disposed of off-base by contract collection.

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The Records Search identified 18 sites as potential areas requiring some degree of further investigation. The 18 sites consisted of six landfills, three spill sites, two construction rubble dumps, two Fire Departments Training Areas, a solvent disposal site, a leaded fuel sludge disposal site, an industrial shop zone, an equipment cleaning site, and a munitions residue burial site. Between and , Phase 2 - Stage 1, field investigations were conducted to determine which locations need further study. In , based upon the recommendations of Stage 1 report, Phase 2 - Stage 2 investigation work was initiated at various sites.

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