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Sources from which these records are obtained offer different levels of transparency, meaning that records that are public may become classified or redacted, and vice versa. As a result, the amount of criminal records information presented on StateRecords. Criminal records in Texas generally include the following subjects. An arrest record is a recording of an incident in which a suspected offender was taken into custody, fined, or questioned by a law enforcement agency. Crimes are sorted into three categories: felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. An arrest is when a person is apprehended and deprived of their freedom by a law enforcement agency.

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Police officers in Texas, in accordance with the Miranda Rights , are obligated to inform the target of an arrest that they are being arrested, share the reason for the arrest, notify the arrestee of their right to an attorney, and several other important pieces of information pertinent to the arrestee's rights.

In Texas, a person can be arrested for an offense as minor as a misdemeanor breach of the peace, and be arrested on reasonable suspicion of committing a felony. A felony is a crime that is considered to be very serious.

Felonies typically come with punishments , including jail or prison time, and heavy fines. Felonies in Texas come in five categories—from most severe to least. They include capital felonies, first degree felonies, second-degree felonies, third-degree felonies, and state jail felonies. A capital felony is reserved for only the most serious crimes and repeat offenders. They are punishable by life in prison with a possibility of parole if the offender is younger than 18 years.

A person may get life in prison without parole if the offender is older than A capital felony may also result in a death penalty.

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First degree felonies are punishable by life in prison, or a prison term of fewer than 99 years but more than five years. Second-degree felonies are punishable by prison or jail sentences of up to 20 years, but more than two years. Third-degree felonies are punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years, but not less than two years. State jail felonies come with imprisonment of up to two years but not less than days. State jail felonies are sometimes upgraded to third-degree felonies depending on if a deadly weapon was used or if the individual on trial is a repeat offender.

The board will not consider pardons if the crime involved treason or impeachment, when the inmate is undergoing deferred adjudication community supervision, when the inmate is undergoing early dismissal from community supervision in cases defined by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, when the inmate is accused of a Class C Misdemeanor which prohibits firearm possession, and other determinations. Because of this, pardons in Texas are extremely rare.

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Probation records show when a person receives probation as an alternative to prison. It allows people convicted of a crime in Texas to serve their sentences out of custody, as long as they follow the rules specified at the beginning of their probation by the presiding judge and their probation officer. Probations are issued in proportion to the crime, meaning that the length and nature of the probation differ from case to case. Probation and supervision fall into five categories: pretrial supervision, felony conviction probation, misdemeanor conviction probation, felony deferred adjudication, and misdemeanor deferred adjudication.

The main difference between felony and misdemeanor probations is that, if revoked, felons may face time in state prison, whereas misdemeanor offenders would serve time in county jails. Texas State Records StateRecords. Texas Criminal Records First Name:. Last Name:. What Defines a Criminal Record in Texas?

Arrests and convictions remain on individuals records indefinitely. Any arrest or conviction for a Class B misdemeanor or higher will be included in an official Texas background check. Most moving violations will not be included, nor will failed drug tests. Texas considers all arrest records and court documents related to an arrest to be public information and may be requested by any person at any time. Most court records in Texas are public information and can be accessed through the Texas Criminal History Information Center.

Adjudicated sentencing will show on a background check as a plea of guilty or no contest, with a sentencing of probation or parole, even after the sentencing is completed. Texas allows for many records to be available on an official background check. In some cases, individuals can find out what information will be on an official back ground check report through unofficial sources. The legislature of Texas makes certain documents not available to the public.

Requests to review or change information on a background check in Texas must be submitted in writing. Background Check in Texas Sophie Wright. Texas Background Checks An official Texas background check is a useful tool for employers, landlords, and many other professionals in the state. They can be useful to Texas residents who want to know about the character and background of: Neighbors Friends Relatives Romantic Interests The Mail Man Official and unofficial background searches can reveal a lot about an applicant, employee, or next Friday nights date. Texas law allows for most court records, police records, and other documents to be easily available to the public.

The Texas Public Records Act provides that official government documents be made available to the public. This includes local and county governments, some for-profit and non-profit organizations, and those who do work for the state. The state legislature and the state courts are exempt. The Texas Department of Public Safety provides online pay-per-use access to court records for cases that result in convictions or delayed adjudication, which is a sentencing provision that requires a guilty plea.

Texas follows federal law for the use of background checks.


Through federal law, employers are cautioned that the use of a criminal background check to disqualify an employee or applicant must relate to the job at hand. Denials based entirely on the results of a criminal conviction that do not preclude the applicants ability to do the job are considered discriminatory under the law.

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Texas sued the federal government in because of guidance by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruling that criminal background checks that reveal convictions may only be used to deny applicants when the conviction bears on the job. Texas has continued to hold the position of denying employment to convicted felons in most state agencies. Firearm Background Checks Texas. Texas requires background checks on all firearms sold through a licensed dealer. Texas is a shall issue state, meaning law enforcement shall issue a permit to valid applicants. A permit for a concealed weapon requires a fingerprint-based state and federal criminal history check.

Background checks for firearms purchases or concealed carry permits are fingerprint-based and run through both Texas records and the FBI. Criminal Laws and Statistics in Texas. Crime has been declining in Texas for several years, including a precipitous drop of 6 percent from to , and another 4 percent tumble from to Driving Records. The Texas Department of Public Safety makes 3-year records and full records available on its website.

Your history of accidents, moving violations, DUIs, and license suspensions will all show up on this record. Consumer Reports.

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These are compiled by organizations called Consumer Reporting Agencies who must offer to make a copy available to you at a fair price if you are rejected for a loan or other application due to information found on your report. If you seek a copy proactively you may determine if anyone else has used your credentials to commit fraud or identity theft, such as by obtaining a loan or credit card in your name. To request a copy of your report, contact the agencies here.

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Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background
Criminal records texas search background

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