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CarGurus also provides the same information for new and certified preowned vehicles. Over the past couple of years, Bring a Trailer established itself as one of, if not the best, vintage car auction site. One of the advantages BaT has over the other sites is its active community; members regularly comment on auctions, offering personal insights and knowledge about the featured cars.

Sellers usually respond to questions and interact in the comments section, too. And unlike the rest of the internet, the comments section here is genuinely constructive. Hemmings is another reliable site that features classic cars — but unlike Bring a Trailer, Hemmings offers both auctions and straightforward sales.

Best Places to Buy a Used Car in the USA

Hemmings also operates like a more conventional used car site where buyers can contact the seller directly, instead of through a forum like on BaT. Kelley Blue Book is the best of the old breed of used car websites. It features a straightforward user experience where you can search new and used cars by category, make, price or best-selling models. Some to Avoid. Read the Story. So far, there are only a few dozen listings, but the numbers are likely to grow as the site becomes established. A listing's first week is a preview, letting potential bidders do their research and ask questions before the virtual gavel swings.

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Bidding goes live in the second week. There's a 5 percent fee on all successful sales. Hemmings is going for the personalized approach, assigning each entry a dedicated listing specialist to respond to inquiries and make sure listings are accurate and up to date.

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Bonus: If a vehicle doesn't sell on the auction site, Hemmings will transfer the listing over to its classified marketplace. To find cars for sale in your area, Craigslist might be your best bet. Anyone is able to list cars or parts on the site—including dealerships—and there are different regional Craigslist sections for cities and counties throughout the country. It's up to the seller to decide how many images and how much information they want to provide, though, so sometimes listings can be lacking.

Craigslist can be frustratingly hard to search, though, especially if you're looking in multiple locations and for a particular kind of vehicle. In that case, we recommend the smartphone app BRZO. Currently only available for Apple products, BRZO allows for detailed, customizable Craigslist searches that can span the entirety of the site or specific regions.

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It lets you filter by keywords, model years, transmission type, and much more, and brings up organizable results that can be saved and updated. Once you've used BRZO, you won't want to browse Craigslist the regular way ever again—and we'd know, because we've found and purchased some of our own cars using the app. At this point, online auction site eBay is a household name, and the eBay Motors section is dedicated to sales of cars and car parts. You can sort by year, make, model, location, and more, making it easy to look for specific cars. You can also add listings to your watch list, which will give you notifications when new bids are placed.

Like Craigslist, the amount of photos and information put in each listing is up to the seller, so sometimes the listings can be a bit sparse.

If bidding isn't for you, don't fret. Another advantage you can get from this website is its active community. The members of BAT can offer personal experiences and insights that will help you get the car of your dreams.

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Plus, sellers will usually respond to your questions in the comment section as well. All used cars sold on Carvana are subject to an Experian AutoCheck report and have passed a point inspection. Aside from that, this website will handle all the steps of the car-buying process, including financing the purchase.

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The best part is that the whole process will only take you 10 minutes. Aside from that, this website can provide you with the best car-buying experience. They do this by letting you try a vehicle for seven days without any obligations. One downside of this website is that choices may be minimal because it is not a platform for dealers, unlike most websites on this list. So, with this website, you can get a lot of options in just a single search.

Plus, the website also allows you to save your search history. Plus, the site also provides comprehensive car reviews and answers to frequently asked questions.

5 Best Used Car Buying Websites

One downside of this website is that the information provided may not be sufficient for some buyers. Nonetheless, you can always contact the seller for the necessary information you need. At Vroom, you can choose from thousands of certified used cars. But, you can use the filter option to reduce your choices by clicking on the make and model, body style, year, miles, and price.

From there, the site will show you photos, details, and a Carfax report of your chosen vehicle. One of the advantages you can get from Vroom is that they will deliver the car to your doorstep for free. Auction Direct USA has a large collection of used cars that are reasonably priced. To find a car, you can either type or click the make and model you want on the search menu. Then, the site will show you the best results.

They offer financing, take trades, and make deliveries. So, this site can offer you a lot of car options.

This website offers a point-and-click search function to help you find the vehicle you want. A great feature of this site is that it allows you to compare up to four cars side by side. By doing so, you can assess which listing will give you the best deal. This website also offers a payment calculator so that you can compute your monthly fees. Moreover, the site also contains buying guides and car reviews that will help you find the best vehicle.

An added bonus is that this site also offers motorcycles, boats, and classic cars. Autobytel is a large online search engine for new and used vehicles. Like other websites on this list, you can easily find the car you want by entering your zip code and clicking on the make and model of the car you want.

Plus, it also has a feature that lets you contact the seller. Aside from those features, this website also provides information about financing, buying tips, and car reviews.

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Plus, the site has some top 10 lists that will not only entertain but educate and give you some ideas of what to look for you as well. CarsDirect CarsDirect is a simple website that allows you to search for used cars based on make, model, body style, and price.

Visit: CarsDirect Hemmings Hemmings is a reliable website that features and sells used classic cars.

best used car search sites Best used car search sites
best used car search sites Best used car search sites
best used car search sites Best used car search sites
best used car search sites Best used car search sites
best used car search sites Best used car search sites

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