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But we didn't! Microfilms being digitally scanned right now. Case filed April 17, We got your record. Thrown off your wagon team in Cheyenne? We got your record too. Coming soon So we sued them -- and won!

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Litigation successful! Case filed August 24, , judgment rendered March 13, Over the same records set? After they lost to us last time? We're gonna change that. We fixed that. Of course, it helps if the city refuses to return your e-mails and calls until you take them to court. Washington PRA request filed with Dept.

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Fight back. Read about our pilot project that started it all. Read More. See more of our presentations, slides, videos, and webinars. Nothing gets under the skin of government bureaucracy or large-scale genealogy corporations quite like Reclaim the Records, a group of genealogists-turned-activists who file Freedom of Information and Open Data requests to make government records published… Their dedication and endurance in filing lawsuits and cutting through red tape benefits us all.

Most researchers in genealogy are not professionals; they are simply the curious family members, the designated relatives for keeping the family history.

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Take our Records Survey and tell us about them! Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is We Want Our Records Back. And we get them! More than twenty five million records reclaimed to date.

State-by-State Listing of Vital Records Available Online

Help us reclaim even more. Recent Records Requests State All. New Jersey Death Index, Why should these records be available if you're onsite at the state archives, but not available on the Internet? New Jersey Marriage Index, We acquired and published the first-ever data set of everyone married in the Garden State. Legal wrangling, but no litigation needed!

Minnesota Birth Certificates Index Free A free index to Minnesota birth records from , and selected records from pre from te Minnesota Historical Society. Minnesota Official Marriage System Free Free searchable index to marriage certificates from 87 participating Minnesota counties. Most marriage records date back to the s, although some counties have them back to the early s.

Index links take you to an easy order form for purchasing a copy of the marriage certificate. Missouri Death Certificates, Free The Missouri State Archives steps up with this free index and digital images to statewide Missouri death certificates from New Mexico Death Records, Free FamilySearch has online a free name index to death certificates and records of death from the state of New Mexico.

North Carolina Deaths, Free FamilySearch features a free name index and digital images of death certificates recorded in the state of North Carolina.

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  • And we get them! More than twenty five million records reclaimed to date.?

Ohio Deaths, Free A free name index and digital images of Ohio statewide death certificates from FamilySearch. Philadelphia City Death Certificates, Free This free online collection from FamilySearch includes a variety of digitized death records, depending on the time period: death certificates, returns of death, and even undertaker transit permits.

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Philadelphia Marriage Indexes, Free Digital marriage indexes online at FamilySearch are arranged by the names of brides and grooms with the year of marriage and license number. Fully searchable. FamilySearch includes information on coverage details in this article, with details on included records by time period and locality. Rhode Island Marriages, — Free A partial name index to birth, baptism, and christening records from Rhode Island, compiled from a variety of sources.

Scroll down in this article on FamilySearch.

Records are arranged by year and alphabetically by locality, and a searchable name index is also available. South Dakota Birth Records Over Years Old Free More than , South Dakota births are searchable in this free online database of birth records from the South Dakota Department of Health, including many delayed birth certificates issued for people born before statewide registration began in Tennessee Death Records, — Free FamilySearch hosts this free searchable database, plus digitized images, of Tennessee death certificates from the beginning of statewide registration in This growing collection on FamilySearch is not yet complete -- browse the records to see what is currently available by county.

Texas Deaths, — Free Almost 9 million digitized records are included in this free collection of Texas statewide death certificates—including delayed certificates, foreign deaths, and probate obituaries—from the Texas Department of State Health Services in Austin, and hosted online by FamilySearch.

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Texas Deaths, — Free Images of Texas statewide death certificates, including delayed certificates, are available online in this free FamilySearch. For a list of records by dates and localities currently published in this collection, select the "browse" feature. Also included are a few deaths occurring before where the remains were re-interred between and Utah Death Registers, — Paid Ancestry. This collection of images and index includes deaths that occurred in Utah between and , Utah death registers for — the dates vary slightly by county, and Grand County includes records for — , and interment records for Salt Lake City, — Vermont Vital Records, — Free Name index and images index cards of town clerk transcriptions of births, marriages and deaths in Vermont through Indexing is ongoing, and additional records from — will be added to the collection as they are completed.


Michigan Vital Records Research Guide

Vermont Death Records, Paid Ancestry. Death Indexing - Virginia Free A fully-searchable index to Virginia city and county death registers compiled , part of an on-going project sponsored by the Virginia Genealogical Society. Fifteen cities and counties have been indexed to date. Virginia Births and Christenings, Free Almost 2 million names can be searched in this name index to birth, baptism and christening records from the state of Virginia.

Online at FamilySearch.

Washington State Archives - Birth Records, — Free The Washington State Archives has begun to digitize the birth records in their collections and make them available online for free. Available birth records cover the period — birth records after are not open to the public for most counties.

Washington State Archives - Death Records, — Free The Washington State Archives has begun to digitize the available death records in their collections and put them online for free. Available death records cover the period — Post death records in Washington are not open to the public for research. Washington State Archives - Marriage Records, Free These online marriage records include indexed, digitized images created by the Washington State Archives in a project to make the entire marriage series available from the beginning of marriage record keeping in The more current index records approximately forward are updated by partner Auditors on a periodic basis and may not include images.

West Virginia Vital Records Research Project Free One of the first states to start making vital records available online, West Virginia hosts indexes and images to birth and death records dating back to about , and marriage records dating back to county formations. Records and time periods available vary by county. Wisconsin Genealogy Index Free Search for pre Vital Records, including birth, death, and marriage records, in this free online database of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Wyoming Marriages, Free A free name index to approximately 14, marriage records from the state of Wyoming online at FamilySearch. Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates
mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates
mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates
mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates
mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates
mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates
mi public records 1996 marriage certificates Mi public records 1996 marriage certificates

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