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A store in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham opened in April , and the Bluewater shopping centre in Dartford , Kent opened in July Also, in an effort to court a broader market, Apple opened several "mini" stores in October in an attempt to capture markets where demand does not necessarily dictate a full scale store. These stores follow in the footsteps of the successful Apple products: iPod mini and Mac mini.

These stores are only one half the square footage of the smallest "normal" store and thus can be placed in several smaller markets. In , Apple introduced its iTools service, a set of free web-based tools that included an email account, internet greeting cards called iCards, a service called iReview that gave internet users a place to read and write reviews of Web sites, and a tool called KidSafe that promised to prevent children from browsing inappropriate portions of the web. The latter two services were eventually canceled because of lack of success, while iCards and email became integrated into Apple's.

Mac subscription based service introduced in and discontinued in mid to make way for the release of the new MobileMe service, coinciding with the iPhone 3G release. Mac predecessor, featured the addition of "push" services to instantly and automatically send emails, contacts and calendar updates directly to users' iPhone devices.

Some controversy surrounded the release of MobileMe services to users resulting in expected downtime and a significantly longer release window. As a result of this, Apple extended the subscriptions of existing MobileMe subscribers by an additional 30 days free-of-charge. This service kept most of the core services that MobileMe offered, however dropping iDisk, Gallery, and iWeb.

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The iTunes Music Store was launched in April , with 2 million downloads in the first 16 days. Music was purchased through the iTunes application, which was initially Macintosh-only; in October , support for Windows was added. Initially, the music store was only available in the United States due to licensing restrictions. A version for Canada opened in December The download was The Complete U2 , by U2. Briefly, people in New Zealand were able to buy music off the Australian store. However, that loophole was quickly closed. On February 23, , the iTunes Music Store sold its 1 billionth song.

Since iTunes' inception it has sold over 2 billion songs, 1.

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Since downloadable TV and movie content was added 50 million TV episodes and 1. In early , Apple celebrated the 10 billionth song downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. In a keynote address on June 6, , Steve Jobs officially announced that Apple would begin producing Intel-based Macintosh computers beginning in Rumors of cross-platform compatibility had been spurred by the fact that Mac OS X is based on OpenStep , an operating system that was available for many platforms.

This introduction came with the news that Apple would complete the transition to Intel processors on all hardware by the end of , a year ahead of the originally quoted schedule.

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On January 9, , Apple Computer, Inc. In his Macworld Expo keynote address, Steve Jobs explained that with their current product mix consisting of the iPod and Apple TV as well as their Macintosh brand, Apple really wasn't just a computer company anymore. At the same address, Jobs revealed a product that would revolutionize an industry in which Apple had never previously competed: the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone combined Apple's first widescreen iPod with the world's first mobile device boasting visual voicemail, and an internet communicator able to run a fully functional version of Apple's web browser, Safari , on the then-named iPhone OS later renamed iOS. It was another 12 months before the iPhone 3G became available on July 11, This month iteration cycle has continued with the iPhone 4 model arriving in similar fashion in , a Verizon model was released in February , and a Sprint model in October , shortly after Jobs' death.

Now two iPod types are multi-touch: the iPod nano and the iPod touch, a big advance in technology. Apple has also gone wireless, selling a wireless trackpad, keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive. Wired accessories are, however, still available. The Apple iPad was announced on January 27, with retail availability commencing in April and systematically growing in markets throughout The iPad fits into Apple's iOS product line, being twice the screen size of an iPhone without the phone abilities.

While there were initial fears of product cannibalisation the FY financial results released in Jan included commentary of a reverse 'halo' effect, where iPad sales were leading to increased sales of iMacs and MacBooks. Since , Apple's revenues, profits, and stock price have grown significantly. On May 26, , Apple's stock market value overtook Microsoft's, [] [] [] and Apple's revenues surpassed those of Microsoft in the third quarter of The Guardian reported that one of the reasons for the change was because PC software, where Microsoft dominates, has become less important compared to the tablet and smartphone markets, where Apple has a strong presence.

On March 2, , Apple unveiled the iPad's second generation model, the iPad 2. Like the 4th generation iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad 2 comes with a front-facing camera as well as a rear-facing camera, along with three new apps that utilize these new features: Camera, FaceTime , and Photo Booth. On October 29, , Apple announced structural changes to increase collaboration between hardware, software and services. The most notable short term difference of this restructuring was the launch of iOS 7 , the first version of the operating system to use a drastically different design to its predecessors, headed by Jony Ive.

During this time, Apple released the iPhone 5 , the first iPhone to have a screen larger than 3. They released the iPad 3rd generation with Retina Display, followed by the iPad 4th generation just half a year later.

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The iPad Mini was announced alongside the iPad 4th gen, and was the first to feature a smaller screen than 9. This was followed by the iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display in , alongside the iPad Air , a continuation of the original 9. Apple also released various major Mac updates, including the MacBook Pro with Retina Display , [] whilst also discontinuing the original MacBook range for a short period, before reintroducing it in with various new features, a Retina Display and a new design that implemented USB-C , while removing all other ports.

On November 25, , Apple acquired a company called PrimeSense. On September 9, , Apple announced the Apple Watch , the first new product range since the departure of Steve Jobs. The Apple Watch received mixed reviews, with critics suggesting that whilst the device showed promise, it lacked a clear purpose, similar to many of the devices already on the market. On September 7, , Apple announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with an improved camera and a faster processor than the previous generation.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have high storage options. On March 21, , Apple announced the iPad Apple also released the new On September 12, at the Steve Jobs Theater , Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with better camera features, more improvements in product design , user experience , performance and more, and announced the iPhone X with facial recognition technology and wireless charging.

They also announced the Apple Watch Series 4, running watchOS 5 , with an all new design and larger display as well as many more health related features. In , Bloomberg News reported that, as early as , a specialized unit of China's People's Liberation Army began inserting chips into Supermicro servers that allowed for backdoor access to them. The iPhone 11 is also the first iPhone to feature three cameras.

As cash reserves increased significantly in , Apple created Braeburn Capital on April 6, to manage its assets. The stock has split 2 for 1 three different times on June 15, , June 21, and February 28, Apple initially paid dividends from June 15, to December 15, Piper Jaffray estimate future stock and revenue of Apple annually, and have been doing so for several years.

Complete Documentation since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For more general information about the company, see Apple Inc. Aspect of history. Main article: Apple II series. Main article: Apple III. Main article: Apple Lisa. Main article: Macintosh. See also: List of mergers and acquisitions by Apple. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models. Main article: Mac OS X. Main article: Apple Store. Main article: iPod. Main article: iTunes Store. Main article: Apple—Intel transition. Main articles: iOS , iPhone , and iPad. See also: Timeline of Apple Inc.

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