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We need to see about forming some society , low key. The dysfuctional royal decendents society. Lol…we do have the Royal bloodlines and the genes might be a bit messed up but we are all here alive and well and to think how close it came to us not being here.

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My name is Jadas Bowlin Anne is my 14th great grandmother as well my little brother Shannon bowlin Jr. My last name is bowlin not Boleyn because when they moved from England to America there name went to two ways Bowlin My last name and Boleyn. You all need to have a big family reunion.

There must be so many Boleyn descendants around today with the amount of children that Henry and Catherine Carey had and then the size of families of their children. If you have done the Ancestry DNA you will show up, we have a long line of family that leads all the way back to Mary and Anne.

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Just found this site…. On my maternal grandfathers side she had gone back as far as the s. She said there was alot on his side on Ancestry. She found that we are 19th and 20th cousins of Anne Boleyn. Of course I figured she didnt kbow what she was doing u til she gave me access to all the work she had done and I was flabbergasted. Absolutely fascinating. I k ow this may sound like a dumb question, as I have not researched all this yet myself, but were the Boleyns related to the now Queen Elizabeth?

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At some point I am going to do my own family tree on Ancestry….. Yes, our present queen descends from Mary Boleyn. Anne boleyns aunt anne is my 14th great grand mother. Sounds like everyone and their best friend has been told by someone so many generations before them was related to the Boleyns…. Lol Liz….

It is what it is in my family. Actually I was mortified. It is not a regular topic of conversation among family members. Although I feel very lucky to know who my ancestors are and feel very gratful that miticulous family records have been kept. AS for our royal lines I could honestly have cared less. Although I find it interesting to talk with other decendents , to see where everyone has ended up. Kind of like a , message in a bottle. I think you should be proud of your predisesors.

You can learn a lot from them.

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Its not rubbish. My family I can trace back to my Spencer, Shepard, Culpeper etc. Keep in mind the royals married their own family so if you have royal blood we are ALL related. Nicely said Culpeper. Being raised here in America the majority of us could care less.

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I just wanted to know who they were and where they came from. It is interesting though. So Liz…. Culpeper …You probably know then about Leeds Castle. It stayed in the family for the longest time. I live about 10 min.

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I wish we could have kept it in the family. It was to expensive to maintaine. It was sold later and came into possession by a Lady Baily. Thank you for that reply. I am very new to this and only found out recently that my daughter and I, as well as others are cousins of Anne Boleyn. My daughter had to do a paper for a college course and found a lot on my grandfathers side and she has a lot filled in on the tree on Ancestry. It clearly shows that we are related to her.

I am looking forward to starting my own and finding what I can. I am very proud of my heritage and have researched it extensively. No I cannot speak for eveyone. Royal affairs were common, now Henry the VIIIs father was an only child due to his mother Margaert Beauforts age of 13 upon his birth she never had another,but Henry the VIIs wife Elizabeth was not an only child and her mother Elizabeth Woodville sat on the throne as well. Now most people can no longer claim that noble right and thats okay.

And they are on both sides of the pond. The line has been researched and the connection is there. Martha Washington is also related to Mary. Thank you Cat! And from that point, the genealogy was already pieced together for me, which was really nice. I agree with you Bobby, once you research and find the lines to those names, at that point the trees are much better researched and the lines just fall in place! We are cousins, then, through the Boleyns. The question is how many cousins apart we are.

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I think that people get confused when they can trace their line back to being related to Anne thru a sibling. You may be related but you are no descendant. Anne had one child, Elizabeth who had no children of her own. So there is no way you are a descendant. There are none. About the same time frame. There were quite a few Anne Boleyns. KaSandra your family sounds like the plot to the other Boleyn girl. And if the paper is only a little more than yrs old then there is definitely a huge time issue with it. It is what happened at the end of the other Boleyn movie tho.

The first permanent settlement in the US was the colony at Jamestown which was set up in but it was in late that the Pilgrims travelled to the US on the Mayflower. Elizabeth was dead by then. That is completely untrue.

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The Carey children stayed in England. Her daughter is buried at Westminster Abbey. He and his brothers, including Captain John West, went to Virginia in and thereafter, and became among the first governors of Virginia. Captian John West is my 11th grandfather, and this is what I have learned through research. I was not aware of having so many cousins!

stephen steve earls michigan marriage Stephen steve earls michigan marriage
stephen steve earls michigan marriage Stephen steve earls michigan marriage
stephen steve earls michigan marriage Stephen steve earls michigan marriage
stephen steve earls michigan marriage Stephen steve earls michigan marriage
stephen steve earls michigan marriage Stephen steve earls michigan marriage

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