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Cottonwood Ranch, Kansas. Lodging Sheep Herder's Wagon. It is known that the younger Abraham Pratt had a half-brother, who was fourteen years younger, by the name of James F. Kirk, from South Cave, Yorkshire who later homesteaded in Nebraska and then moved to northwestern Kansas to establish bachelor homes west and later in Studley, Kansas. As a sailor, prior to his marriage, he was a member of the unsuccessful search party sent to rescue men with the British exploring party of Sir John Franklin who were allegedly lost in the vast Arctic.

While the rescue party was enroute to the Bering Sea to implement one phase of the search the ship bearing Abraham Pratt docked in San Francisco, California for supplies. In Ripon three more children were born to complete the family; Jane born in , Tom born August 26, , and Sarah Ann born Tragedy struck the family on October 14, , when Catherine Pratt, at the age of 36, passed away. The funeral services were conducted at St. Speculation by family members is that Catherine Pratt was buried in the accompanying churchyard although weathered tombstones and records cannot verify her final resting place.

This address was adjacent to at least one of his business establishments and women were hired to care for his children.

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Whether this Aunt Raw was a biological relative or not is unknown because she is not listed in the genealogical information. Abraham had a successful business or businesses in Ripon.

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He allegedly was a proprietor of a tavern and at various times his occupation was listed as a licensed victualler , a publican , or in a bottling works business. Whether that was the name Abraham Pratt had given his establishment is unknown. Exactly why Abraham Pratt left successful business ventures in England in , cannot be discerned. The two men supposedly looked for a desirable homestead in Nebraska when they heard of the basically unsettled region of northwestern Kansas.

Allegedly Pratt and Taylor may have spent a week, or a little more, in Nebraska before traveling to northwestern Kansas and specifically Sheridan County. For some reason Taylor only stayed a brief time there and moved to what is now Oklahoma. He also had interests in some farming and sheep husbandry.

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Abraham returned to England in late , and by March of arrived back at his Kansas homestead with J. Tom Pratt served a four-year apprenticeship plying his time on one or more sailing ships freighting merchandise from ports in England to India. In , when the terms of the apprenticeship had expired, Tom joined his father and brother in Sheridan County to become land-locked on the High Plains.

The Sheridan County records indicate that Sarah Lockwood applied for American citizenship, suggesting the intention to stay, although there are no known records of Charles completing a citizenship application. While in Kansas Charles was employed by J.

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sheridan county kansas birth certificate Sheridan county kansas birth certificate
sheridan county kansas birth certificate Sheridan county kansas birth certificate
sheridan county kansas birth certificate Sheridan county kansas birth certificate
sheridan county kansas birth certificate Sheridan county kansas birth certificate
sheridan county kansas birth certificate Sheridan county kansas birth certificate

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