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DO always communicate with your broker. Promptly return all phone calls and emails, as you would expect the same courtesy. Below are some practical terms and definitions you might come across when looking for an apartment in New York City.

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Some of these may be used differently in other parts of the country so please make sure you familiarize yourself with them and avoid any unnecessary confusions. Sign up. This is your member's center Here you will find your folders where you can save listings and communicate with your agent. Available on mobile as well Got it. Contact Us. Buy Rent Sell Buildings Insights. The following is a list of links to City Realty pages. For screen reader users, all links are visible at all time, so you may ignore the control buttons. Search Apartments for Sale. Market Reports. Find an Agent. Market Data.

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Search Apartments for Rent. No Fee Rental Buildings. Furnished Apartments. Add Rental Listing. Rental Building Owners. New Development Condos. Luxury Condos. A blog from CityRealty Links below will take you to the 6sqft site.

Buyer's Guide. Buyer's Guide Overview. Knowing What You Want. What to Buy. Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent. How Agents Work. Be Serious. Be Loyal to Your Broker. The Value of Being Pre-Qualified. Dos and Don'ts. Glossary of Terms. Knowing What You Want New York City offers some of the most varied housing options anywhere; as a result, you have many excellent options.

Some of the key items that you should resolve early on are as follows: Your budget For obvious reasons, this is probably the single most important factor. Neighborhoods of interest New York City has dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own flavor and personality. Apartment size and features Do you need a one or two bedroom apartment? Building type and amenities The last major item that needs to be resolved is what type of building you want to purchase in.

What to Buy A buyer in New York has three fundamental choices. Condominiums In a condominium, a purchaser owns the apartment plus a percentage of the common areas of the building. Pros Easier approval process Own actual real estate giving you more rights to it, i. There are more of them: Co-ops make up a much larger percentage of the city's owned housing units around 75 percent.

There are many more pre-war co-ops available than condos.

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A thorough vetting process and stricter financial requirements mean more financial stability, especially in market downturns. Co-op shareholders are also considered tenants of the co-op, which gives them legal protections under New York City landlord-tenant law. Cons The approval process and building rules are usually stricter in a co-op, and potential buyers can be rejected without having to provide a reason; condo boards can't legally reject potential buyers. Co-ops generally require buyers to make a down payment of at least 20 percent of the purchase price, sometimes as much as 50 percent or more; some exclusive buildings don't allow financing at all.

Stricter financial requirements mean you'll be asked to share more personal financial information. Monthly maintenance fees are generally higher for co-ops than for condos, as a share of the property tax and possibly payment toward an underlying mortgage are included. The purchasing process generally takes longer.

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How Agents Work Real estate agents and brokers there is a difference between the terms agent and broker, though they are often used interchangeably serve a critical role in the market, representing either the buyer or the seller in the transaction. Be Serious As with any transaction or business service, in real estate one only wants to work with serious participants. Be Loyal to Your Broker Broker loyalty i. The Value of Being Pre-Qualified Before you visit any apartments, unless you intend to pay all cash, it is important that you are pre-qualified with a mortgage lender that regularly lends in New York City.

There are several reasons why it is important that you are pre-qualified: You will have a better understanding of the actual price range that you will be able to afford, thereby allowing you to focus your search. A Few Points About Apartment Information Do not get hung up on apartments that you see on this website or any other website or newspaper.

Dos and Don'ts DO work with a single, dedicated broker whom you trust and are comfortable with. Glossary of Terms Below are some practical terms and definitions you might come across when looking for an apartment in New York City. Agency: A legal relationship between a principal and his agent arising from a contract in which the principal engages the agent to perform certain acts on the principal behalf. Amortization: A gradual paying off of a debt by periodic installments.

Appraisal: An opinion or estimate of the value of a property. Assessment: The amount of tax or special payment due to a municipality or association. This is applicable in condo buildings and co-ops where assessments can often amount to significant monthly expenses. Building Codes: Regulations established by local governments describing the minimum structural requirements for buildings. Codes include foundation, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and other specifications for safety and sanitation.

Counter Offer: A rejection of an offer to buy or sell, with a simultaneous substitute offer. Deed: A written document, property signed and delivered, that conveys title to real property. It is usually signed and handed over during closing.

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Trust Deed: A conveyance of real estate to a third party to be held for the benefit of another. Trust deeds are commonly used in some states in place of mortgages that conditionally convey title to the lender. Unrecorded Deed: An instrument that transfers title from one party grantor to another party grantee without providing public notice of change in ownership.

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Recording is essential to protect one's interest in real estate. Warranty Deed: A deed that contains a covenant that the grantor will protect the grantee against any and all claims.

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It usually contains covenants assuring good title, freedom from encumbrances, and quiet enjoyment. Discount Points: Amounts paid to the lender usually by the seller at the time of origination of a loan, to account for the difference between the market interest rate and the lower face rate of the note.

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They are often required when VA loans are used. Encumbrance: Any right to or interest in land that affects its value. This includes outstanding mortgage loans, unpaid taxes, easements, and deed restrictions.

new york city real estate public records New york city real estate public records
new york city real estate public records New york city real estate public records
new york city real estate public records New york city real estate public records
new york city real estate public records New york city real estate public records
new york city real estate public records New york city real estate public records

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