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Microsoft officials say they've made good on their promised roadmap for bringing Skype for Business Online features to Microsoft Teams. But do users agree? Microsoft says Teams is now at 'feature parity' with Skype for Business Online.

How to Download and Install Skype

Microsoft's plan to ultimately replace its Skype for Business Online communications service with Microsoft Teams has achieved a key milestone, company officials say. Not all users agree, though. This could make Apple a contender in the enterprise video conferencing realm.

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  • Skype for Business is not Skype – realising that is half the battle?
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The iPhone-maker has given its privacy page a make-over, in a continuing effort to prove it's better than its rivals. Lenovo Q2 Profits leap 20 percent through strong PC sales. The Chinese tech giant has posted strong sales results across all regions. Skype goes back to basics following users' complaints Microsoft focuses on simplifying Skype after users find its calling and messaging 'overcomplicated'.

Featured Your smart speaker is open to remote laser attacks How to maximize the battery life of your Windows 10 PC A Verizon salesman told me the Google Pixel 4 is for angry people Dell bets big on Ubuntu Linux laptops for developers. My Profile Log Out. Join Discussion. Add Your Comment. What is obvious is that Exchange Online is a gateway drug to the cloud, as enterprises replace ageing email infrastructure.

Things You Need to Know

It's rare to find organisations that use all of the Office products that they are licensed for and Microsoft knows it. Redmond is so focused on having you use the full product set that, in addition to the inbuilt Office usage reports, it's released a public preview of the Power BI content pack for Office adoption. Now you're getting serious data, broken down by product, on how much your organisation is using the various online services. A migration to Exchange Online from regular Server presents a similar user experience afterwards, as the majority of email tasks are performed the same way.

Skype: Everything you need to know!

The same can't be said for a migration from Skype to Skype for Business Online. If your small business started out using Skype, or your users are comfortable with personal Skype accounts at home, everyone's in for a shock. Microsoft's acquisition of Skype led to the eventual death of the standalone Skype account. Technically, this made sense.

Microsoft wouldn't continue to grow a standalone authentication directory when it already had the Microsoft account infrastructure in place. For existing Skype users, it offered to "upgrade" your Skype name to a Microsoft account by simply adding your email address.

But not everybody did. Now, new users of the consumer platform must create or use a Microsoft account. Skype for Business is inconsistent in how it handles non-upgraded, standalone Skype accounts. The PC client does let you add people with only a Skype name, if you choose "Add a contact not in my organization" and search the Skype directory. You can chat with them and see their presence indicator. Access your Skype for Business contacts via Office in your browser finding the Skype icon above Mail or People and the directory search will find new contacts by their Microsoft account address, but never by their Skype name.

Same limitation with the Skype for Business for Mac client, which has no luck finding old Skype names. The PC client definitely wins here, but it's not ideal in a multi-platform world if people want to be Macbook road warriors. After Office for Mac and Skype for Business for Mac upgrades, it's surprising to see this capability missing. It might not be an issue for internal communications or for new companies, but it's a roadblock for Mac lovers looking to upgrade from using personal Skype accounts.

Decide to stay on the consumer Skype platform for the backwards compatibility and you're left managing personal Microsoft accounts in the background, with no overall admin control. With any communication platform upgrade, your contacts are sacrosanct. Move from Skype to Skype for Business and there's no way to retain your contact list. It's not possible to export your Skype contacts and import them into Skype for Business. Behind the scenes there could be a bunch of technical challenges preventing this, but that doesn't help users.

Be warned — if you've built a history of valuable contacts while using Skype, you'll be sending them new contact requests individually. Another change that leaves users scratching their heads is how Skype for Business handles conversations. In a Skype world, double click on a contact to see message history, a la Facebook Messenger. In Skype for Business, you'll be staring at a new blank chat window.

Past conversations are viewed in a separate tab, listed in date and time order, not in Contact Name order. This view retains your most recent conversations, with a link to Outlook to view the rest. Yes, Outlook. At least in the Outlook Conversation History folder you can choose to arrange by From or To, or group by Contact name.

Skype Windows 10 App Store (NEW Version) 2018 Tutorial

The view in Skype for Business has a separate sub tab for calls and missed conversations with missed conversations also being sent to you via email. This way of displaying information might not be a bad thing, but it's certainly a change to get used to. This is the most likely thing to start users complaining: "It doesn't work like Skype.

No, it does not. Last year Skype Broadcast was launched. These town hall meetings webinars let you show your face and your PowerPoint presentation to up to 10, attendees simultaneously. You've got inbuilt options to make the webinar viewable afterwards and an option to have it generated as a downloadable video file handy for adding corporate trailers or credits and closed captions.

All managed through a web interface, there's one major downside. Natively, Skype Broadcast won't let you share your screen. Nope, we're not kidding — no live demos for you. There are a few third-party tools including XSplit Broadcaster that can fool Skype into thinking your desktop is a virtual camera.

A nice little trap to fall into for the unaware who have already sent out their meeting invitations. Before you put Skype for Business in the "too hard" basket, it does have strong points. Skype consumer cannot deal with multiple points of presence. If you have Skype on your PC, your iPad and your phone, you can't get Skype to recognise that when you set one to Busy, you want them all to be Busy. People will see that another device is showing you as online and they won't know the difference.

Skype for Business, however, can sync your status across your devices. Microsoft has worked hard on Skype for Business integration across the Office product set.

Download Skype for Windows 10 - free - latest version

This strengthens their collaboration story and is most evident inside Microsoft Teams. Even in Outlook, the little integration details add magical touches.

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Start a Skype conversation by clicking on the colleague who sent you an email, and the email subject appears in the title bar. Reply as a meeting invitation and the Skype Meeting options schedules an online room and sends the participants the joining instructions.

Microsoft kept enterprises happy with Cloud PBX functionality, plugging into your existing phone system or partnering with its own PSTN calling capability. Sadly, PSTN calling isn't available in all countries yet Australia is still waiting , but Microsoft sings Office E5 loudly, with all these bells and whistles. Assuming you haven't ditched the whole idea in favour of Slack's voice and video calls, there are benefits to be had with Skype for Business. You just need to know what you're up for.

skype mobile cant find necessary files Skype mobile cant find necessary files
skype mobile cant find necessary files Skype mobile cant find necessary files
skype mobile cant find necessary files Skype mobile cant find necessary files
skype mobile cant find necessary files Skype mobile cant find necessary files
skype mobile cant find necessary files Skype mobile cant find necessary files
skype mobile cant find necessary files Skype mobile cant find necessary files

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