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Why is someone who is not my friend on my Chat bar?

I can not see that they are ever on fb only when they make a post or like.

Is there anyway to see they are actually online physically? You can not see them in chat either. I actually feel offended due to the fact I don't see the point of being friends if you don't or wont interact socially on the site. Hello, thank you for the information, I would like to kindly ask you if there is a way to find out, when a fb user not a friend , was on line last?

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And if he saw my profile since? Thank you , Arjun. If the mobile icon disappears, therefore the person has signed out of messenger, does it concerns non fb friends, just fb usrs as well?

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Thank you. Thanks for the tips. I see the mobile icon in front of the name but when I hover the mouse it doesn't show a last active time. Its doing so for other friends, however for only one that I actually wanted to check, it is not. What would that mean? Dude please help me Well i just want to ask that..

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Hey Arjun, When I am on fb mobile app or android messenger, I don't like to be seen as active or last online or active 1 minute ago. Is there a way to turn that off in android?

Unfortunately, Facebook hides only the active icon green to other users. The active time is not hidden. But still, this is much of a issue with people like us who want to protect our privacy. Facebook should fix this issue soon. If 2 person on Facebook with mobile device appear with the message " last active X minute" i.

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Also they are also active on the same moment or few minutes apart. This pattern also repeat few times for the same party. That's strange! Logically thinking from a normal person's perspective, your prediction is correct. The person is not shown in the active list but when I visit his profile Facebook messenger he is showing active now.

Is his chat off or something else? He is shown active now in his profile in fb messenger but not on the chat list. Is his chat is off? Is there a way to turn that off to specific friends specially if they are using mobile App. Everyone expects this feature but Facebook should really look into it and provide a way for such privacy. What does it mean when your friends name at the top of messenger is black? My question is: If a FB Friend shows Active Now, but not listed in the Chat List with the green light on and without any indicator ever showing of Mobile or Web, does active now mean they are just on FB or involved in a back and forth conversation on Chat, meaning really chatting?

And b because the green indicator light is off when Active, does it mean they really have chat off? Active Now doesn't mean that they are chatting with someone. They may be scrolling news feed or checking out other profiles. I am wondering the same thing Donna was wondering but didn't get complete clarification from your response. I have four questions When I am on the messenger app, a friend says "active now" but she is not listed in the active list on messenger and she also does not have a green dot.

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Does this mean she is scrolling through facebook or does it mean she is on the messenger app? On the messenger app, same as above active now but not listed in the active now list, and also no green dot but it says "1 M ago" beside their name on Facebook app. What does this mean? Are they on Facebook or on messenger? Why are the times conflicting? On the messenger app, same as above, it says "active now" one minute, then the next minute it'll say "1 minute ago," then it will say "active now" again immediately after, almost as if they are logging on and off FB over and over again, which I know isn't the case.

Why would it do that? If someone has their chat off on the Facebook app, how would I know? I use Facebook mobile website on android chrome browser. There is a friend of mine whose chat shows "just now" or "active secs or minutes ago" does this means they are online? Or chatting. Hi if my partner has not been on Facebook for 3 months do he says why when I go to messages it said last active 12 hours ago but when I showed him it's gone and just says Facebook.

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Has he been on there or not?? My chat is turned of so the time there should change ex. Any idea why? Yes what you told i follows that. I done chat off for all frnds only for 4 people i on my chat sound but i have a issue that is a girl last seen doest appear on my screen what the tick she done i wants to know so that i too can use it that. Related to question Somehow if i used to see them through my friend's account, i could see them appeared as 'active xx ago'.. Did they turned off chat off on me? On the messenger page.

If I click on some people, underneath them it will say facebook or messenger. Why is that? Why does fb messenger show someone as active when they were previously inactive as soon as I send a message thru messenger? I have an Android and they have the latest iPhone. They say they phones are out of their hands and they are sleeping when this happens but sometimes it doesn't do that.

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I'm confused and would appreciate an answer. This happens for users who use Messenger for iPhone. When the notification shows up on iPhone, it triggers the Messenger app and their status is changed to Active Now even though they are not using their iPhone. This is probably a bug and many users have noticed it. Even my friends have noticed and reported this to me. Facebook should provide a fix as soon as possible. Why does the active status gow away after 4 hours? Other than that, the pros are nameless, and buying coins is a MUST!

The app is actually pretty sweet. Basically the language tinder app lol lots of nice people willing to learn and teach or just be friends.

how to find a chat friend How to find a chat friend
how to find a chat friend How to find a chat friend
how to find a chat friend How to find a chat friend
how to find a chat friend How to find a chat friend
how to find a chat friend How to find a chat friend

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