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Have you forgotten about a checking or savings account, an old uncashed check, stock, safe deposit box, etc.? The State of Arizona holds unclaimed property as a custodian for the rightful owner.

Unclaimed Property

The state will return property to owners who provide proof showing their right to claim the property. When efforts by the holder to locate the owner fail, the funds must be turned over to the Department of Revenue who is then responsible for safeguarding the funds.

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By completing your annual report, you are not only complying with Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 44, Chapter 3, but you are performing a valuable service to the community by helping us protect abandoned property. This means that after you have handled a search and submitted claims in one state, you will probably be able to apply those same skills to additional searches in other states. However, if you find the process daunting, we have you covered; we have tutorials for running unclaimed property searches in almost every state and are continuously adding new tutorials to our website!

It has search parameters, which will allow you to easily search for property under your name.

1 in 10 Americans has unclaimed property waiting to be claimed!

To help you through the process, we have a step-by-step tutorial. This tutorial takes you through all of the steps to find and claim your abandoned property in Idaho. From that page, you can begin the search process if you are individual or report that you have money if you are a holder. Like all other states and territories in the United States, Idaho now has a comprehensive statewide unclaimed property database.

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According to Idaho, unclaimed property refers to unclaimed or abandoned intangible property. You may know the term intangible property by another name: money. That is why you may hear unclaimed property referred to as unclaimed money, abandoned money, and abandoned property.

Search for Unclaimed Money

This unclaimed money can come in several different forms, including, but not limited to: checking accounts, stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts, utility refunds, bonds, and items stored in safety deposit boxes. The State of Idaho gets custody of this property when holders have lost contact with customers and are unable to reach them after making an outreach effort. Holders are usually businesses that have custody of your money for some reason.

They include, but are not limited to: corporations, banks, utility companies, insurance companies, medical offices, and business associations. Although the program is the unclaimed property program, it specifically refers to the type of intangible property that can easily be converted to negotiable instruments; in other words, it refers to money. Some types of property will never be included in unclaimed property, including real estate and motor vehicles.

Before money can be classified as unclaimed, it must first be abandoned. Money can become abandoned in a number of ways, and the process is usually an accidental one.

Find Your Missing Money! Tennessee's Unclaimed Property Program

A property owner may forget about the property and fail to notify a holder when the property owner moves or changes names. In addition, holders can make errors during name changes, address changes, or internal record-keeping changes that cause them to lose contact with the property owner. In Idaho, most property will be considered abandoned if the holder has had no contact with the property owner for a period of five years, though some types of property, such as wages and utility deposits, will be considered unclaimed after a year. This is only a very small portion of the unclaimed property available in the United States.

You can begin your search for unclaimed property in Idaho. Like most states, Idaho gives you the option of running a search with only a last name or business name. The city and zip code would be for the last known address the holder had for you in the state. For the purposes of our tutorial, we are going to use the name Bob Smith, which is the name we use in all of our tutorials. We use the same name in each tutorial to make it easier for you to compare state search processes.

We also intentionally chose a common name for a few reasons.

The first reason is to make sure that we will always get positive hits in our search results. The second is that there are some potential pitfalls in searching for common names, and we use one to help you see how to deal with those pitfalls. The results say that there are 1, results. Therefore, we need to add some additional parameters to the search. Apparently, Bob Smith is a pretty common name in Idaho, because we still got more than 1, search results. Therefore, we are going to add a city, Boise, to our searches, which will hopefully narrow down the search results to a manageable amount:.

There were still more than 1, hits, so we are going to further narrow the search by looking for the zip code The state holds this reported property until the rightful owner or heir claims it.

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claim form search site property unclaimed Claim form search site property unclaimed
claim form search site property unclaimed Claim form search site property unclaimed
claim form search site property unclaimed Claim form search site property unclaimed
claim form search site property unclaimed Claim form search site property unclaimed
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