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Crashed computers, missed flights , tensions in your workplace—a person who subscribes to astrology would tell you to expect all this chaos and more when Mercury starts retrograding. But according to an astronomer, this common celestial phenomenon is no reason to stay cooped up at home for weeks at a time. Mercury retrograde—as it's technically called—was being written about in astrology circles as far back as the midth century.

The event was noted in British agricultural almanacs of the time, which farmers would read to sync their planting schedules to the patterns of the stars. During the spiritualism craze of the Victorian era, interest in astrology boomed, with many believing that the stars affected the Earth in a variety of often inconvenient ways.

By the s, horoscopes were a newspaper mainstay and Mercury retrograde was a recurring player. Because the Roman god Mercury was said to govern travel, commerce, financial wealth, and communication, in astrological circles, Mercury the planet became linked to those matters as well. Mercury, of course, is the planet associated with communication. Though hysteria around Mercury retrograde is stronger than ever, there's still zero evidence that it's something we should worry about. Even the flimsiest explanations, like the idea that the gravitational pull from Mercury influences the water in our bodies in the same way that the moon controls the tides, are easily deflated by science.

Hammergren says.

How Long Do I Have to Be In Jail Before My Social Security Disability Benefits Stop

To understand how little Mercury retrograde impacts life on Earth, it helps to learn the physical process behind the phenomenon. When the planet nearest to the sun is retrograde, it appears to move "backwards" east to west rather than west to east across the sky. This apparent reversal in Mercury's orbit is actually just an illusion to the people viewing it from Earth.

Picture Mercury and Earth circling the sun like cars on a racetrack. A year on Mercury is shorter than a year on Earth 88 Earth days compared to , which means Mercury experiences four years in the time it takes us to finish one solar loop. When the planets are next to one another on the same side of the sun, Mercury looks like it's moving east to those of us on Earth.

But when Mercury overtakes Earth and continues its orbit, its straight trajectory seems to change course. The yard is watched by armed guards in towers high above. At various times throughout the day, the guards conduct counts. During a count, all prisoners must stand in front of their cells while the guards do a head count to make sure no one is missing or in a place where they aren't supposed to be.

If a prisoner is in the wrong place and doesn't make it to his cell for the count on time, he will face disciplinary action. Counts are conducted at regular intervals at the same time every day.

There are counts in the middle of the night as well, but for those, the prisoners can usually stay in their beds while the guards count them from outside the cell. We'll look at commerce inside the prison and prisoner contact with the outside world in the next section. Administrative positions in prisons, such as warden, require college degrees, usually in Criminal Justice. There are also legal and public relations jobs in prison administration.

The primary prison workforce other than the inmates comprises corrections officers. A corrections officer needs a minimum of a high school education, must not have any criminal convictions on his or her record and often must take a civil service exam to qualify for the job.

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A one or two month training course helps prepare them. The remaining prison jobs are filled by medical personnel, maintenance workers and sometimes, educators. My Loved One is in Prison Practical steps to take if your friend or loved one is currently or formerly incarcerated. Oftentimes the person searching for help feels just as lost as the person inside the walls. This manual addresses that experience. This book is for anyone who is affected by the imprisonment, past or present, of a loved one and wants to do something to help.

Sentenced, Now What? This booklet is designed to help individuals and families with the second phase of the incarceration journey—sentencing and what follows. He took time out with Inside Journal to share his thoughts about prison, finding God and growing up without a dad. Written for inmate discipleship guidance, while inside, preparing for release and transition into community.

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Also, gives in-depth insight to volunteers and family members of incarcerated women. Free on the Inside A Bible written specifically for prisoners.

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It is available in English regular print and Large print and Spanish. It provides practical advice inmate fathers can use to connect to their families. Getting the Benefits You Earned as a Veteran Of the 23 million veterans in the United States today, an estimated , are in prison or jail. And many veterans—imprisoned or not—are unaware of the help available to them.

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  • Did you know that in recent years, Congress has expanded many benefits for veterans, including disability, pensions, and health care, while easing eligibility requirements? Smart Ways to Handle Your Money Managing family finances, living without credit, and other financial matter. Can Sardines Be Lonely? Dealing with loneliness and learning how to reach out to other prisoners. Piecing Together a College Education Picking a college, earning credits, and how to afford higher education while in prison. Prison Survival Guide How to survive—and even thrive—physically, mentally, and spiritually while inside.

    Solving the Puzzle of Depression Learn more about depression and how you can find comfort in dark times. Coming Back from the Unspeakable Crime There is hope for those who have committed a sex crime. Life of Joseph Dealing with a tragic family background, overcoming temptation and more.

    Sex Matters Understanding the battle with sex. Surviving a Secret Shame Sexual abuse is an uncomfortable topic, but it happens all too often — affecting girls, boys, women and men alike. Maybe you know this firsthand.

    how do i find a person in jail How do i find a person in jail
    how do i find a person in jail How do i find a person in jail
    how do i find a person in jail How do i find a person in jail
    how do i find a person in jail How do i find a person in jail
    how do i find a person in jail How do i find a person in jail

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